Master Handyman

Master Handyman

The simplest home improvements can require the broadest of skillsets. On a small scale or individual bases, we support customers all the time with common request such as:

-Renewing all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in accordance with fire codes.

-Updating inefficient and discolored can lights to modern LED’s to save energy and enhance the brightness spectrum of your choice.

-Changing out hardware throughout the home including doorknobs, hinges, door stops, closet flush pulls, handrail brackets, and installing kitchen or bathroom cabinet handle pulls.

-Upgrading vanity light fixtures, fan covers, floor registers, electrical switch plates.

-Home improvement repairs involved in maintain a home.

Often, large remodel projects can suffer from what are considered trade gaps. These are marginal tasks that fall outside of the service scope of the other contractors. An onsite handyman can bridge that gap, handling surprises that surface during a project that could not have been predicted to ultimately keep construction on track and on budget.