Too often, basements are just dead space and storage. It is not that people don’t see the potential to add stunning, livable space to their homes. It’s just that many homeowners don’t know how to finish their basements into something exciting and luxurious. When it is unclear how to visualize what finishing the basement will look like, it is hard to imagine taking that step towards construction. That’s where we come in.

At Craftsman Remodeling we are full-service basement experts able to assist customers through architectural design concepts, product selections, budgeting, and every phase of construction. Whether you want an eye-popping design, or just need to make your basement into a nice functional space, we have the ability to build for the budget in mind. Here is our process on how we unlock the potential in your basement and what you can expect during the consultation process.

During the initial walkthrough phase a “wish list” document is provided upfront to begin sorting through the menu options of possibilities you’d like incorporated into the floorplan design. Based on the square footage of the basement, a preliminary ballpark range is shared and recorded on a design-build agreement that once approved allows funding the architectural design phase and respectfully does not obligate you for construction. Three or more Preplans are allowed in determining the one you’ll like best based on footprint layout, wish list, and design level for 100% satisfaction. Several virtual 3D renderings of interior views are included with every plan giving customers the ability to envision what the finished basement will look like when it’s completed; which is fun and super cool! Then all final details and design magic, like ceiling treatments and electrical/lighting diagrams, are added in to one final master plan. The CAD blueprint drawings are done to the current IRC codes showing all detail with cross sections, graphic views and created to scale for official permitting documents. At the end of the first phase these plans are yours to keep!

Phase two starts the estimation process now that official prints have outlined the basement concept and is aimed towards detailing actual trade pricing and scope of work to get an accurate cost for the project. This invites trades to walk the basement and survey the conditions onsite where they will be performing their respective duties. Product selections will be represented as allowances, and when all the numbers are in and the total cost for the project is determined that information will be presented to the customer in a proposal document for a thorough review. At this stage, there is room for adjustments or modifications to dial everything in until it meets the expectations precisely. With full confidence to move forward, the construction agreement can then be signed, and scheduling can begin!

Phase three is certainly something to get excited about because constructions is underway and kicks off by connecting you to the interior decorator/design team to assist you hand in hand when selecting all your product finishes that customize your basement.  This is a special opportunity to work alongside a dedicated decoration professional whose entire background is saturated in design coordination to collaborate a space that is unique and often better than you could have imagined without this option. They will provide one on one guidance to accompany you through showrooms and vendor locations for an effective and efficient experience.  Selecting finishes such as carpet, paint color, vanities, fixtures, trim styles, tile, etc., getting the fun stuff in motion all while gaining momentum on the construction milestones. Woohoo! Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your newly finished basement wondering why you waited so long to contact Craftsman Remodeling, so call us today!